From Relief to Recovery-90 days after Puerto Rico Recovery Fund

From Relief to Recovery-90 days after Puerto Rico Recovery Fund

Hurricane Maria blew away roofs, uprooted lives and laid bare a corrupted and decayed energy grid.  But one thing it did not do was diminish Puerto Rico's determination, grit and sense of purpose.

Today, 90 days after María hit P.R., we are resolute to continue with our mission. Together we are on the road to restore, rebuild and reimagine Puerto Rico.

El Tercer Sector en la mesa del nuevo país

Editorial de El Nuevo Día publicado el 30 de octubre de 2017.

En la tarea de reconstruir un Puerto Rico nuevo, las organizaciones del Tercer Sector deben tener espacio en la mesa en que el gobierno traza su ruta de inversión de los fondos federales que recibirá para dejar atrás la devastación que quedó del huracán María.

PRRF - Week 4 Update

One month after Hurricane Maria
Newspaper headlines:
89% without power.
30% without water.
40% without telecommunications.
Leptospirosis outbreak, 57 cases confirmed.
$120,000 millions estimated in damages.

The Puerto Rico Recovery Fund:
748,000 lbs. of supplies distributed (received from US, abroad or bought locally).
100% of supplies delivered within 24 hours of their receipt.
10 distribution centers strategically located throughout the island.
29 NGOs in partnership.
46+ communities impacted.
518 donors.
$1,372,812 raised.
DC advocacy efforts in action.
Medium and long term economic development resilient initiatives moving forward